Specimen Transport Bags

Posted by anna on April 11, 2022

Specimen transport bags are perfect for containing potentially hazardous samples while they are being transported from one lab to another. They feature a tamper-evident, liquid-tight seal, which makes them ideal for transporting specimens. The bags are available in individual sizes, 6" x 9" for easy transport, and dispenser boxes of 200 or 800. Custom-made specimen bags are available in bulk cases of 1000 bags.

Biohazard specimen bags, also known as hospital lab bags, offer the same safety features as standard laboratory-style specimen containers, but incorporate a document pouch to protect patient information. Most of these bags are double-walled, with a document pouch for paperwork. They are available in several stock sizes and can also be made to fit specific laboratory or lab requirements. Once you order, your product will be reserved for you. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your order has been processed.

Specimens can be stored at 2degC to 30degC for up to 8 days. Specimens from Xpert Collection Kits can be stored for up to 45 days. Specimens obtained using FecalSwab should be collected for a thorough Enteric Panel. To test for Salmonella, Shigella, and EHEC, use a Test of Cure Stool Culture.

When a patient needs a blood test, they are typically instructed to wash their hands before handling the specimen. After that, the patient should open a sterile specimen container and retract the foreskin. If the patient cannot perform a urine void, they should void in the toilet. Hold the specimen container in midstream and replace the lid. In the case of sputum, the patient should insert a straight catheter into the bladder. Once inserted, the catheter should drain urine and catch about 4 mL of "midstream" sample. This sample is then transferred to a sterile C&S urine container.

95kPa Bags Are a Standard in Leak-Proof Sample Storage

95kPa bags are a standard in leak-proof sample storage. They can withstand pressure difference of up to 95 kPa, or 14 psi. If you're transporting critical liquids or substances, you can use this bag. It comes in various sizes and thicknesses. You can buy them from your local pharmacy or online at Cameron Packaging. These are the most commonly used containers in the pharmaceutical industry.

These specimen transportation bags are a great way to prevent packaging failures and maintain the integrity of your specimens. These bags have passed rigorous testing and certification and meet IATA regulations. In addition, 95kPa specimen bags are available in a variety of sizes. In addition, 95kPa specimen transport bags can also be used with absorbent pads or pouches. These bags have the necessary seal strength to protect your specimens and minimize damage caused by air, moisture, and other factors.

These pressure specimen shipping bags meet the standards of major air carriers and the DOT. They have patented adhesive closures that provide added security during transport. The patented closure ensures tamper-evident security while preserving the integrity of specimens. Because they have a high internal pressure, they must be tightly closed after the specimen is placed inside. These bags have a double wall, so they can handle high pressures.

What is an Endopouch?

An endopouch is a device used to collect tissue samples during laparoscopic surgery. This device is a single-piece, one-piece design that has a heat-sealed seam and is easy to deploy through a small port. The bag opens automatically in the abdominal cavity and is held open by rigid wire arms. It is commonly used during colon and rectal cancer surgeries. Its benefits include less pain, shorter hospital stays, and minimal bleeding.

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