How to Fix an Alcohol Drip From Pipette?

When using a pipette, it is common to see acetone or ethanol drip from the tip. This is due to the fluids' fast evaporation, which occurs when the pipette is exposed to lower-than-regular air. If you notice that the liquid is dripping, the device is most likely faulty. It may also be due to a […]

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Agdia ELISA Kits

If you're looking to test for a specific virus, you may want to consider using Agdia's AltMV & PapMV ELISA. This ELISA uses antibodies to detect these viruses, which belong to the Potexvirus family. These two viruses share a common genetic code, and are most commonly recognized by their non-enveloped virus particles. Regardless of your […]

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Specimen Transport Bags

Specimen transport bags are perfect for containing potentially hazardous samples while they are being transported from one lab to another. They feature a tamper-evident, liquid-tight seal, which makes them ideal for transporting specimens. The bags are available in individual sizes, 6" x 9" for easy transport, and dispenser boxes of 200 or 800. Custom-made specimen […]

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Malaria Rapid Test

A malaria rapid test is available for a quick diagnosis of malaria in patients. This antigen detection test is a commercially available, non-laboratory method for detecting the presence of the parasite. It can be used anywhere traditional laboratory techniques are unsuitable or where there is no diagnostic equipment. Its primary use is for patients who […]

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Computerized Dna Extraction Machine is Precise And Scientific

You will hear about upcoming occasions, and obtain the latest technical and scientific literature. Your paper will be evaluated for placement. Increasing efficiency, and reducing hands-on time, Biomek Genomics Workstations provide flexibility to maximize scheduling your day. Bioneer is a world manufacturer of RNA extraction kits, extraction machines, and other solutions for biomedical and life […]

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The Benefits of Viral Transport Media Stability

Virus samples must be transported from the source to the lab for further analysis. Viable viral transport media are essential for accurate analysis. In a world where coronaviruses have been responsible for millions of deaths, the viability of viral samples is critical. Puritan's expert technical support will assist you in choosing the right medium for […]

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What Is ELISA Secondary Antibody?

The ELISA secondary antibody allows the quantification of the antigen-specific antibody in the serum. This color-based titration results in a specific signal when compared to a blank control. The sandwich ELISA method is similar, but uses a separate set of antibodies. A primary antibody binds to the antigen of interest, and a secondary one binds […]

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Sensible Journey Planner

When you create your map, you’re mechanically using one layer (“Untitled Layer”). This is the layer that your location pins are added to by default, except you add additional layers. You can add up to 10 location pins per layer, and 10 layers per map. Quickly learn how to navigate between stops by including instructions […]

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For International Visitors

University of Florida college, researchers, and workers often travel internationally as part of their official UF duties. Depending upon your destination, what you propose to convey with you, or your planned actions, you might need to obtain a license or different authorization from the us government before your journey. You’re fully vaccinated and arriving in […]

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